In some cases, you may need to send the same message to multiple customers. For example, an email about an upcoming sale or new product available. Merge Tags are variables which are replaced by the field you selected when your message is sent, such as the client’s first name.

How to Use Merge Tags

1. Compose a new message.

2. Click the Merge Tags icon in the toolbar of your message.

3. Click Select an Option and choose one of the options available.

4. Add text in the Fallback field. (In case the field you selected in the step above is blank for a specific customer, your fallback text will appear in the message instead.)

5. Click Add Field.

6. Click Done.

7. Once you have written your message, click the Review icon to preview it.

8. Select a recipient at the top right to see how your Merge Tag appears in the message.

Merge Tags are placeholders and the field you selected will not appear in your message until you click the Review button.

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