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Why were some customers left out of my campaign?
Why were some customers left out of my campaign?

There are customers who were omitted from my campaign message

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

There are multiple reasons why a customer may be omitted from a campaign. Fortunately, your campaign will present you with a precise reason why for each potential recipient!

How to view why a customer was omitted

To view the reasons, click on the Recipients tab of your campaign. You'll see an Omit Reason next to each contact.

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Omit Reasons

These are the reasons a potential campaign recipient might be omitted. Recipient omission is a temporary status - if the conditions that caused the omission were to change over time, the recipient may be re-tried and potentially sent a message successfully.

Account Disabled

An Endear email or phone number was disabled before the message could be sent. Check the configuration of the emails and phone numbers for your brand or team, and either add a new email or phone number, or select a team with a valid email or phone number as a sender.

Invalid Contact Method

The recipient's email or phone number is invalid.

Missing Merge Field

The campaign body contains an invalid merge field. Check the campaign body and remove and re-create the merge fields to confirm they are formatted correctly.

No Valid Senders

There are no valid senders for this recipient. Check the Senders configuration. If this is intentional, consider filtering the audience to remove recipients like this. If all of your senders are not members of any teams, you will also see this Omit Reason. Either add the senders as members of a team that has an enabled contact method, or select new senders.

Restricted Designation

SMS messages are not allowed to be sent from this brand.

Sent Too Soon

The customer was messaged in the last 24 hours. If this campaign remains active, the sending will be retried, and when the 24-hour window has lapsed, the message will be sent.

Session Ended

The campaign was paused on completed before this message was sent.


The recipient has unsubscribed from messaging..

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