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Calendars, dates, and advanced filtering

Get even more specific filtering options for your customer lists 

This article will cover advanced filtering options and settings. A more basic overview of how to use filters is available here.

  1. In the Filter Customers menu, filters related to dates will offer you the option to Show Advanced. Click this option to view additional filters. 

2. In this example, the advanced filter options available under Order Date are shown. Select the filter you want.

3. If you select Between, a calendar will appear. Select the relevant dates. These will highlight in blue. 

4. There are also advanced filtering options which prompt you enter a certain number of days. See the example below.

5. When you have entered the appropriate dates or number of days, click Apply.


Messages & Subscription Filters 

By subscription:
  • Is Unsubscribed From: Filter customers based on the channels they've unsubscribed from (email or sms). 
  • Unsubscribed Reason: Filter by unsubscribed reason
    • Blocked: Messages to this customer are not deliverable; they have either hard or soft bounced, the contact method was not accurate, or in the case of SMS the carrier was not able to deliver your message. 
    • Manually Unsubscribed: Customers who clicked the unsubscribe link in your message 
By Last Message vs By Messages: 
The "By Last Message" filters will limit your search to only the most recent message you or another Endear user sent in a thread with a customer. "By Messages" will search through all the messages anyone in Endear sent in the last 90 days.
  • Message Type: Filter by message type (Email or SMS) 
  • Message Template: Filter by messages containing a template you used.
  • Message Clicked: Filter your search by messages clicked or not clicked.
  • Message Opened: Filter your search by opened or unopened messages.
  • Message Converted: Filter your search by converted or unconverted messages.
  • Message Sent By: Search for a message sent by a specific user.
  • Message Sent From: Search for a message sent from the team the user was signed into when sending the message.
  • Customer Replied to Last Message: Filter your search by whether or not the customer replied to the last message.