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How do I delete a Story?

Remove old or unwanted Stories from your lists and searches

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

When you need to remove a story, you can delete it from your lists and searches. You also have the ability to restore a previously deleted story if needed.

How to delete a Story

  1. Go to the Story you would like to remove, and click Delete at the top-right corner.


2. You will receive a notification that your Story has been archived and will no longer appear on your lists or searches.


Restore a Story

  1. Click Filters from the main Stories landing page and click on the Deleted filter.


3. Check True and click Done.


4. Click on the Story you want to restore.


5. Click Restore (where Delete once was) - your Story will now display in your Story library and appear in searches.


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