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How do I upload an image to my Assets library?
How do I upload an image to my Assets library?

Upload your favorite images to your Assets library to use them in Stories or messages.

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

You can upload any image or file to Endear to use in your outreach.

In order for files to be uploaded successfully, image file sizes should be smaller than 3MB and smaller than 1800 x 1800 in dimension. Otherwise, we'll take care of resizing the image to fit the viewer's device.

To upload an image in your Assets library:

1. Click Creative in the left menu.

2. Click the Assets tab.

3. Click the + Upload Assets button in the upper-corner of the page.


4. Drag & drop a file or click browse to search for an image to upload. The image will appear in the window.

5. You can then click Select more files to import multiple images at once. If you choose to add more images, you'll be prompted to repeat step 4.


6. Click Confirm.

To learn how to include an image in a Story, click here.

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