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How do I refer someone to Endear?
How do I refer someone to Endear?

Send qualified referees to Endear to earn rewards for you and them.

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We always appreciate when you introduce us to someone new, and we love rewarding you for doing so!

Get $400 toward your team's Endear subscription for every brand you refer to us. Plus help get them started with 30% off their first 3 months.

Step 1. Contact us to let us know you're referring a new company

Step 2. Direct your Referree to enter your name as their promo code during sign up or mention you in their demo

Step 3. You'll get $400 credited to your team's account when they become a customer, and they'll get 30% off their first 3 months.

*The referee must work for a brand or retailer that does not already use Endear, either on a trial or as a paid subscriber.

While these are guidelines, Endear still has the final say on whether your referee qualifies you for a reward.

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